Terms of Delivery for Periodics 


1. Place and language. If there is no other note, the periodical appears in Russian language.

2. Orders. The subscription for a periodical is normally signed for a calendar year. If requested, other purchase periods of time can be agreed upon. Subscriptions beginning in the course of a year will be charged correspondingly. Not cancelled subscriptions until 15th November of the current year will be extended automatically by a year. Cancellations have to be submited in written form.

3. Delivery.  The delivery goes at the receiver's own risk i.e. we can't grant refunding if a number lost by post is not available anymore. Moreover there is no guarantee for the modalities of a concrete issue concerning  publication dates, the size and so on.

4. Forwarding modalities and postage. If not other mentioned, periodicals are sent as follows:

If requested by customer standard forwarding modalities can be changed: Delivery by registered mail, varied dispatch frequency of newspapers, airmail delivery of journals etc. in that case postage is charged correspondingly.

5. Prices. All prices in EUR. In the deliveries within the European Union is contained the legal value-added tax. The prices quoted in the catalog are valid for the current year,  subject to change in case of possible price changes through the foreign supplier. For subscriptions, we ask for advance payment since we also have to pay in advance.

6. Complaints. If there are any problems with receipt of the periodicals (missing numbers etc.) please contact us.

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