Terms of delivery for books


1. Language. If there is no other note, all offered books are written in Russian.

2. Orders. You can order per email, fax or mail. The orders are taken up with confirmation, agreement of the shipment and payment modalities, make out to pro-forma invoice. You will get a notification, if there is a book out-of-print.

3. Forwarding modalities and postage. The  forwarding expenses are calculated by weight and prices of the German Mail plus packing charges. The kind of shipment (printed matter, by land, by air mail) comes according to agreement.

4. Prices. All prices in EUR. In the deliveries within the European Union is contained the legal value-added tax.

5. Payment. Deliveries abroad only in case of prepayment. Bank charges should be paid by customer.

6. Complaints. In the case of well-founded complaints, please contact us in order to arrange possible modalities.
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